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October 12, 2005


Lucy MacDonald

I agree with you Katherine - thank goodness for the delete key! I guess this person just proved your point about the need for Decent Marketing.

David Burn

You can ban the offender's IP address to prevent further intrusions.

Hey, do you read Dooce? Heather's got PPD and she speaks out something fierce about it. Because of that and due to her huge traffic, she accepts no comments, nor trackbacks.


That is the exactly the type of rudeness that gives decent marketers a bad rap. Congrats! on the new bebe!


Amen. I hate blogspammers more, I think, than regular spammers. E-mail spam is becoming more easy to filter and deal with, but blog spam requires you to log in and delete, hopefully without having their crappy messages online for more than a few hours.

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