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October 17, 2005



That is a great idea. I would think that the reason you can't drive the car is because if one person took it for a drive then the other potential customers wouldn't have anything to look at.


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Lucy MacDonald

What a great idea! Thanks for this post. It always helps to read about new ways of doing things.


Hi, I'm from Brazil and we're discussing how this kind of marketing would be nice here. But we would change one thing: we would give customers a voucher so that, if they do the test-drive, we would donate $50 to carity. Because people who can afford a car like this in Brazil don't really care about $50!

(Sorry about my English, I hope you understood all!)


Buzzoodle Ron

I am curious if the coffee drinkers were the target, or the buzz from the story was the main desired outcome.

Do they do this frequently?

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