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July 18, 2005



I guess the question is, how important is it that the target market for the sponsor match the target market of the sponsee? I suppose it all boils down to the sponsor's motivations. Are they in it to attract new markets or tap deeper into their current market? Are they in it for marketing purposes at all, or more for community involvement? Besides, there's always PR value...

That being said though, you're right, it does seem a bit like a weird match.

Johnnie Moore

A good spot. Hope you recover well!

Joan Mansbach

Hopefully does a better job than BISSEL & TOUR DE FRANCE. I still see it as an unlikely pair.
What happened to utilizing your spendable dollars for something that relates to your core customer? BISSEL would be better served creating a cause marketing program with a portion of sales donated to cancer research - rather than this type of sponsorship.


Hmmm, makes me wonder what M&M's and Tide detergent have to do with NASCAR.


I'm not sure, I think Bissel may be onto something here. You have your target audience as young affulent males, who are probably single- I don't think any girlfirend would sit through watching 2+ hours of telvised tour de France, like my roommate protestantly did while her cyling crazed boyfriend stayed glued to the TV. So they are single, like their bikes- and are willing to spend top dollar for the best line of bike, along with all the acessories they need to go along with it- and have expenadable cash that they are willing to put up for quality products. If they see it advertised they recognize it- plus if your a young, single male and you have to clean- wouldn't you want the top of the line "gadget" to suck up all the peanuts, chips and beer that has soaked into your rug from a night with the boys? On the flip side, maybe they are just tapping into the metrosexual market out there.

Tom Asacker

Glad to see you posting again Katherine. I hope your recovery is speedy, like Lance!

Olivier Blanchard

Lance's popularity being at its zenith in 2004 and 2005, Bissel probably figured that the exposure they would get out of Lance's coverage (not just during the TDF) would be worthwhile.

Athletic sponsorship doesn't always have anything to do with a brand's relevance to the sport. (I see someone already brought up Nascar sponsors.) Sometimes, sure, you can get a great match that makes sense, but more often than not, it's mostly about exposure. (I don't see the point of the Discovery Channel sponsoring a team whose exploits will be primarily covered by rivals OLN and CBS... other than exposure.)

Lance's photo graced the pages and covers of newspapers and pubs the world over. International TV news coverage of the TDF was extensive... and every time Lance or George showed up on their bikes, they acted essentially as human billboards.

Suddenly, people are talking about Bissel again. (Even you.) ;D That's not bad.

It may be a stretch, but imagine a couple shopping for a vaccum cleaner during or not too long after the TDF. Just on brand recognition alone, what if at least one half of that pair pays a bit more attention to the Bissel models? What if the brand's association with Lance makes it seem more desirable? What if the couple's decision to purchase one brand over another (in this case, Bissel) is affected by this?

Food for thought.

Now for another cycling sponsorship puzzle: Why is it that during the five years that the USPS sponsored Lance's team, not one stamp was created to promote and comemorate this relationship?

Great blog, btw. :)

Olivier Blanchard

commemorate, even.


Laura Bissell

I think this is quite funny because I am a racing cyclist and I watch the tour de france and my name is also Laura Bissell


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