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July 28, 2005



television is not about substance. it is about appealling to idiots who will hopefully buy some products and succumb to the overt and sublimated images and directives. to enjoy your life you must break away from television as your source of contentment. Dog Chapman is a great person who is more redeeming than about anything on tv. the only truly good shows on tv are Law and Order SVU, Dog the Bounty Hunter, angry minorities on poorly produced public access channels, college basketball, college and NFL football and any of the PGA's four major tournaments. outside of these programs a person must find enjoyment outside, in their own mind, friends, family or books. drugs and alcohol can also be used by those responsible enough to handle such items.


I agree that Dog the bounty hunter is awesome, but calling Criss Angel "a David Blaine wannabe" is totally bogus!!

Criss Angel the Mind Freak can walk up a wall, lift a car, levitate way up in the air, and many other amazing things that the loser David Blaine could never dream of doing, because all Blaine is, is a magic shop magician. You can buy his tricks anyplace!

In short, David Blaine is just a dime-a-dozen loser that should stay doing kiddie birthday parties!

Criss Angel RULES!!


I agree with the above. Blaine sucks and Angel rules!

And Dog The Bounty Hunter is awesome!

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