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February 16, 2005


Heath Row

Further information about ING Direct --


I lived in downtown Philadelphia until recently and one of the first ING Cafes was about 3 blocks from my apartment. I had gone in a few times - there were several tables with bright, orange chairs, and perhaps 6 PCs with LCD screens situated on small tables, with 2 screens placed back-to-back to save space, so surfers faced each other.

The coffee was ok - Starbucks was around the corner and infinitely better tasting! But I'm a coffee snob... the staff were friendly, never pushy, and I think the whole experience was tastfully handled but many people no doubt were asking "What or who is ING?".

Still, I like the concept and salute ING for at least trying to break the mold. Sure beats Citizens Bank's pathetic attempts at customer (dis)service.


WOW!. That idea of a kids area in a bank, brightly colored, with their own safe deposit box....that is EXCELLENT! That's the best idea I've heard in a long time. Thanks!

Robert Davis

You ought also to take a look at Citizen's Bank. They're based in Providence, RI (and owned by Royal Bank of Scotland) and are rolling out bank branches with very different and approachable experiences. (In the old days, they had lollipops for the kids and biscuits for your dog.) Now they have branches that don't feel like branches, and the doors have a big lowercase "hello" which is just the beginning of their friendly banking experience.

Mr. Umpqua

Have you ever heard of Leptodekaphobia? It is the fear of 10 minute increments. Come into Umpqua Bank and we will help you overcome your fear and open your account in 10 minutes

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