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February 08, 2005



... and, they know enough marketing to give away free samples, which brings in more customers, who sometimes buy things they otherwise would not have bought. (Besides providing a tiny, but satisfying lunch for the customer in a hurry!)



It's the fastest growing grocery chain in America, so you very well may get your wish soon.

Rich W.

I must've misunderstood your Starbucks analogy. Reward? Luxury? It's all caffeine. Question is how much ego (your own, not the barista's) you'd like with that cup.

As a footnote, few DD coffee lovers would ever buy coffee at McD's, although they might frequent *$ for the milkshakes. Please don't compare DD with McD coffee.

Whole Foods is doing well up here in Pittsburgh, but also growing too slow... there's a huge opening since everyone despises Giant Eagle and would gladly pay more for decent produce. Greengrocers would clean up here... too bad we don't have any.

Unfortunately Whole Foods is also our only hope for prepared meals and speciality goods. We'll never get a Trader Joe's up here because they can't sell Two Buck Chuck due to PA's socialist liquor business policies.

Two other problems with the analogy: Whole Foods in on the upswing and will likely not reach a scale where they lose touch with the quality that got them there.

I also doubt WF would abandon farmers after contracting for their whole year's production. See *$, Honduras.

Sorry for the negativity, but I'm really getting tired of marketing blogs talking about *$ when it's past its prime as a top brand example. Of its own doing.

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