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January 18, 2005


Jim Logan

Excellent post! I believe one of the lessons to learn here is that people will see through the veil of self congratulations many companies wear and present as innovative, fresh, and leading. To me, these failed attempts to appear the leader loose credibility and lessen the brand they're trying to promote.

Delta Employee

Have we ever heard the term Southwest? You bet we have. The company that pays it's employees peanuts while it rakes in profits galore. Such a company is not sustainable in the long term. As evidenced by the union contract negotiations with Southwest last year, eventually, employees are going to want a piece of the pie.
Furthermore medallions like yourself (you are probably a Silver Medallion judging by how ignorant you are of the industry in general) keep wanting more for less... Well guess what? You don't get something for nothing. While you jackasses bitch about prices, we, the people who actually do the work, are the ones paying the price with job cuts and pay reductions.
Meanwhile the statement "how one airline is changing everything" refers to legacy carriers... Or as we like to call them REAL air lines. The unfortunate result of all this is that I haven't seen a pay raise in 6 years and don't expect one any time soon.
Don't get me started on overselling flights either... You don't want us to oversell flights? Show up for the flight you buy or lose the ticket. We have to protect ourselves too. So we oversell to keep the planes as full as possible so we can scratch out a profit at the super low fares we charge to keep you happy.
Stop complaining. You have nothing to complain about.


Great post! I have used so many airlines in my life. By far the worst service was in Delta. This company has no concern what so ever to the passengers. I have had few incidents of people arriving to the airport more then three hours before the flight, but missed the flights becuase Delta decided to have only one person deal with the passengers, so the queue took longer then 3 hours. Thats their way to deal with over-booking


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Prior to merging with Northwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines had an all-Boeing (including McDonnell Douglas aircraft) fleet. Delta inherited numerous Airbus aircraft in its merger with Northwest Airlines. Delta was one of the last major airlines to operate the original Boeing 737–200 models, until the last of these aircraft retired in 2006.

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Interesting, It's time to understand that people want engagement and they want community. How are we in marketing going to provide that for them? Hint: not in traditional broadcast media.

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