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January 05, 2005


Garrick Van Buren

I had similar - though less irritating - experience. I purchase 4 kitchen chairs. The chairs were sold in pairs. When the (single) package arrived, I had 2 chairs. Half my order, though the packing slip said the order was filled.

I called customer service, they were very pleased I alerted them to this issue. For they weren't aware of the issue.

David Foster

As a Target shareholder, I find this pretty disturbing. In my view, TGT should not have handed you off to Eagle, but should have managed the relationship with Eagle invisibly and provided all status information to you directly through customer service.

The way this was handled is as if a manufacturer told you to call one of their component suppliers when you reported a problem with their product.

Tom Asacker

Hey Katherine,

Happy New Year!

Sorry to hear of your . . . I was going to write fiasco, but after all was said and done, you did receive the toy house. ;-(

I'm curious how this experience with will effect your perception or future dealings with terrestrial Target?

Ian O'Neill

I blogged about this topic on 'AdShift' on January 8th, at

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