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October 15, 2004



I used to be in the fund development for nonprofits biz before running Ricksticks, and really appreciate this. I hope some charities out there stumble across this posting. It is disconcerting to me, too, when a gift is made and months go by before an acknowledgment is given. Donor acknowledgment is a key way of establishing and creating long-lasting relationships.

In addition, it's always nice to get photos and updates of where the money was used and how the gift directly made an impact.

Scott Lewis

An interesting side effect of this development is the potential for a shift in the competetive landscape of charity. Some charities are clearly differentialy able to compete in terms of providing experience in the form of evidence of direct impact. Children's charities are a prime example. Conversely, research charities will have a difficult time of this. "Your $50 contributed to .001% of a study. We'll let you know next year sometime if anything came of it."
This leads to the question of what makes something experiencifiable. Personal interaction, certainly, as well as some level of concreteness, but beyond that it gets a little fuzzy.

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