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June 24, 2004


Babajide Fagade

May I state here that I stringly agree with your brief clear on the subject- Experiencial marketing. In my country Nigeria, alot of misinterpretation has distorted this marketing activity.

For instance, a recently concluded TV show by a leading Nigerian brand is classified thus by the event organization that handled it. But to me, it goes beyond TV showings to make it qualify as experiential marketing.

However, I feel experiential marketing should form part of out of home (OoH) media, or what do you think?

Please, it would be appreciated if you respond to my comments.


Babajide ACIM.
Initiative, Lagos.

Peter Davidson

Excellent criteria!

I would say that good restaurants are a good example of these criteria. People participate. The experience fills a need(and a stomach) and it should be memorable.

ngozi egwu

I believe that in-bar(beer parlour) promotions and other direct consumer contact promotions would be more related to experiencial marketing, this is due to the one to one interractive nature and contact with the brand other than a one stop show or event.

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