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May 05, 2004


Paul from Brand Autopsy

Totally not the point... but wouldn't it be neat if there really WAS a Wonka Chocolate Factory?

Nice commentary with Seth today! Thanks.


Aww come on, Katherine. Can't believe you deleted my comment or took offense to it. gotta appreciate a sense of humor. seth has a thicker skin than that (and besides, that really is his abbreviated quote)!



Katherine Stone

Not that it wasn't funny, Kirsten, because it was indeed. But I wasn't sure how the comment applied to Seth's book Free Prize -- so I used the magic eraser, no offense. You may be right that shaved heads add IQ points - perhaps all that hair overheats our brains.

Dave Wheeler

It is certainly "way late" for this comment on your Seth Godin / Edgecraft interview, but when I did a search for "edgecraft", I found your blog entry and thought you might be interested in a visual presentation model that I developed around Seth's "edgecraft" idea.

It is posted on my blog, and I would be interested to hear what you think.

Dave Wheeler

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