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April 22, 2004


Michele Miller

Huggers Unite! Great post, Katherine - I'm in complete agreement. I, too, hope they give Ann a chance - it's increasingly important to have a genuine "world view," and the values to match. If they give her the chance she deserves, she could very well rock their world.

And as for that bicycle comment made by Mr. Suit - do you know how much stamina you have to have to pedal a bicycle around for a couple of hours, let alone MONTHS??!! :-)

Wayne Hurlbert

From the tone of the comments about Ann as CEO, Y & R can certainly use a serious influx of new and creative ideas.

Those outdated concepts, that the nose to the 24/7 grindstone equals results, are simply out of touch with the modern world. Ann brings an entirely new world view to a company that appears to really need one.

Notice how the old line thinkers have already written her off without even seeing what she can do? I sense a bit of unease in the ranks. There sounds like some fear that new ideas might displace some old fashioned complacency.

I look for Ann to be a tremendous CEO. Hugs and all!

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