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August 31, 2005



While I agree with most of what you say (and Hitchens being an ass is no surprise), but I want to highlight one point:

"These states get little investment and little attention."

Alabama leads the country in federal investment per capita and has for years. Mississippi and the rest of the southern states are right up there with it. NJ receives the least, btw. All southern states receive more in federal investment than they put in via taxes.

There are some great ironies in there if you break down the polices the people voted into office, but those can be found across all politics.

As for business investment, clearly that is an issue and is an intertwined mess of demographics, local policy and history, and geography.

"There's no more or less stupidity or quirkiness in the South than there is anywhere else, I promise you."

Very true.

Emily Myers

great insight. And very true. The funny paradox is, that woman who thinks only NY and L.A. should vote doesn't realize that there is a whole world outside those cities.
Anyway- I have a friend who owns a home in Orleans Parish and lost everything- she's now homeless. Staying with friends and family is how she has to survive until it's safe to go back and assess her situation for insurance. She isn't staying with us- but we have 2 extra bedrooms. Indiana is a far drive from LA- but we've listed our home for others to take if they need it. If you can't make monetary donations- or want to do more- you can also list housing at

Hope it's ok that I posted that- just want to spread the word.

Olivier Blanchard

We have jerks in South Carolina too.

... oh wait... SC's a southern state too. Dang it!!!

Kidding. ;D

You know, I've seen this kind of horrible behavior (I mean the looting, raping, murdering, etc.) that is happening in New Orleans all over the world. It isn't a racial, cultural or socio-economic thing. In every population around the world, there is a small percentage of people who will do things like this.

(Okay... except in Switzerland.)

The trigger can be a natural catastrophe, a civil war or a soccer game, even. You just never know. New Orleans' poor certainly don't own the monopoly on psychopathic behavior.

It's been my experience that Southerners are some of the friendliest, most generous people you'll ever meet. Having lived in a lot of places around the world, I can actually back this up with experience. They aren't slow or stupid or backward. I've even set up shop in the South because it's a pretty cool place to live.

Bruce DeBoer

I left North Carolina for Chicago years ago because I was tired of the "southern attitude" about race and politics. It wasn’t more than a week in Chicago when I experience one of the most racist events followed by a hostile exchange that I’ve seen in my entire life (I’ll spare you the details). Two years later I returned to Raleigh mostly because of that first week in Chicago when I was reminded that there is ignorance throughout every state, both red and blue.

I’m not sure there are any “fly over” states but I am sure that this country has created a class of “fly over” people of all colors. They are poor, underprivileged and undereducated. The recent tragedy on the Gulf coast has put a major spotlight on our national policy shortcomings.

I’ll try to put my own political opinions on the back burner (wrong venue) but I will add that we have an opportunity to change through our new awareness, just as we did with 9/11. Let’s hope, unlike 9/11, that we take advantage of the opportunity and begin to change our priorities.

My prediction? Within 3 months (maybe sooner), it will be business as usual.


Excellent. Hitchens never fails to offend just about everyone. I'm a southerner, too--a native of one blue city in a red state and now a resident of the other blue city in that same state (Tennessee).

Incidentally, if you feel so inclined, the hospitality industry is working on setting up a job board for those affected by the hurricane at They welcome other industries as well.


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