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June 06, 2005



Taco Bell. A new one opened down the street. I've been twice, been told wrong info about their products, and both times they've messed up my order. Corp TB did send me a cupon after calling them.


Walgreens. They must always know when I am coming. That is the only explanation for why, regardless of location, they only have one register open and 8-12 people waiting to check out. I asked a manager once why they make customers stand in such long lines and he replied, "I guess because we are so popular." Yikes

Crystal Burdette

I agree with Rob: Taco Bell. To what degree do I have to pronunciate "no onions" before I get a burrito with "no onions"?

Katherine Stone

I finally figured out which place always has me convinced I'm getting screwed. It's Wendy's. I like their taco salad, when it has all the extra "fixins" that are supposed to come with it: chips, salsa, sour cream. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten home with one or all of those missing from the bag. How can you sell someone a taco salad, and LEAVE OUT the taco chips that essentially make it a taco salad?!!! Now I'm a freak about checking and giving them "what for" at the drive-thru window. But every now and then I forget, and what do you know ... I get home and there's no sour cream ...


Starbucks, because I am one of those jerks who orders a decaf soy latte. I have to say it five times slow here on the east coast because this combination must be rare or something. Invariably, after the drink is handed to me I get a blank stare and then down the sink it goes when I ask "now, this is decaf, right?" Serves me right, I guess, for being such a pain in the ** California transplant.

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