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June 22, 2005



I am with you!! I recently read a Sports Illustrated article on the fiasco Marquette has been going through on renaming, then outrage, then renaming again. An athlete had gotten a huge eagle tattooed on his back to demonstrate his committment to the team, and then they changed the name...ouch!
Here's a link to a similar article. My thought: how could the administration think this was going to be a good idea???? And, perhaps sports teams and schools need to be educated on the power of branding.


Just for the record, the Wordlab post about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish changing their name to "Gold and Blue" was just a send-up of the Marquette University sports team naming fiasco, also mentioned in my post, which changed its name from Marquette Warriors to the Golden Eagles. I figured the notion of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish changing their name would be an obvious parody. I'm glad you found the idea ridiculous!

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