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January 30, 2005


Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

* Hardys sexy women eating sloppy high-calorie burgers with what appears, judging by the actions of these floozies, mad cow/mad goat disease.

* the phony "Dave Lennox" that Seth Godin has exposed as a deceptive gimmick.

* the Gecko for the Geico commercials, esp. driving or dancing. Real geckos are cool. Cartoon Geico geckos are stupid and boring.

* women with long flowing wavy 1950s hairstyles advertising shampoo in tv commercials. No one has those hair styles anymore.

* Video Professor CEO who says "try my product". That phrase bugs me. If it's just a "product" to him, it seems to mean it's just a cash cow he milks. No one wants "products", they want things that solve problems, provide benefits, or enhance life.

* lady from tv show The View who hawks Advair on tv. The commerical presents her face way too close up and her voice rattles my nerves.

* children who ape adult attitudes, gestures, and rhetoric as they promote products in commercials. You know, when you think, "no kid would say that, or make that grown up type facial expression."

Sue Pelletier

The kids in the Welch's grape juice commercials--they give me the creeps. If I ever run into the blonde girl with the Cindy-Lu Who eyes, I'll run screaming.

BTW, for some reason the old Armour hot dog jingle has been stuck in my head lately. Can you even imagine an ad today that showed pictures of real kids with a jingle, "fat kids, skinny kids, kids who climb on rocks. Tough kids, sissy kids, even kids with chicken pox (freckles, if memory serves)love hot dogs, Armour hot dogs. The dogs kids love to bite." Guess it must have been effective to resurface in my brain after all these years, though.

Bruce DeBoer

Any and all local car dealer pitchmen. Do they EVER get any better? It's been bad since I can remember.

Herbal Essenses shampoo can move away from the Orgasmic experience anytime they want as far as I'm concerned.

Dr. Phill - this is going to change your life!

I'm getting a little tired of Oprah too - is that PIC to say?

Katherine Stone

I've been informed by a trusty reader that Dr. Greg Cynaumon is, in fact, not even a psychologist and perhaps not actually a doctor, according to the California Board of Psychologists, which fined him for saying he is a psychologist. FYI. That is decidedly NOT decent marketing.

m maglothin

"Dr. Cynaumon, by the way, is a psychologist."

By the way - no one can find where this quack went to ANY college for ANYTHING


You can contact "Dr.Greg" at he will be glad to tell you anything to
enhance his life.

Chris Ray

Matthew Lesko, the author who claims anyone can get free money from the government. He reminds me of the Riddler with an extreme case of ADD.

Billy Mays, OXY Clean. The start of his commercial "Billy Mays with OxyClean here..." sends chills up the back of my neck.


People PC. My god, besides the fact that the commercial is half an hour long, its ABSOLUTELY boring, the graphics blow, and the stick men surely do nothing to intrigue me to swtich to their service, I ask, "what the hell is people pc?" Everytime I see this commercial I cringe. Advice for People PC: fire your current advertisers, it's not working out

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