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October 21, 2004



From the sounds of your last few blog posts, it seems you've had a bit of an epiphany or at least a re-evaluation of your current pursuits. :-)

I hear you 100%, though, and encourage your further exploration. Having come from a background in nonprofit work, I was a little hesitant about marketing in the for profit world. Despite the fact that we are designers or creatives, we still very much contribute to the building of brands.

What I have done to make amends with my own conscience is twofold: first, I have tried to do as much work for nonprofits and environmentally friendly for profits as possible; and second, I have turned down some projects because I knew they were attached to a company I did not want to see prosper. In the end, it has helped me reconcile what I believe matters and what my responsibility is, not only as a professional, but as a human.


Wow. I too enjoyed your last two, too, Katherine.

The simple secret, for me at least, is naming the thing: "What is 'throw up sky-rockets'?

Step back a bit, ride the metaphor train and remember Grace Kelly and Cary Grant on the couch in her room, in 'To catch a Thief.' What was the metaphor Hitchcock used--for the frst time, I believe--to demonstrate that passionate moment, that electric sense of being alive and in touch (no jokes) with another person? Yep. Sky rockets.

What marketers forget, or more likely, suppress due to their environment, is the knowledge that we have a sacred mission and trust: spreading good feeling by bonding people and binding them together. A Mini or a toy boat on eBay are just enablers or bridges, the *bond* is the product. Sometimes we bond with others, but mostly and firstly, we bond with ourselves. "See me" is a phrase we might think of as a plea for recognition from others. It is far more potently in play as an internal desire: I wish to see my self, as I hope to be. What I am is what I could have been. All is well.

They say sex sells. But with symbolism, you crush concrete.

Great post.

Andy Havens

Nicely said. Marketing is social communication. And like any kind of communication, it can radiate a wide range of emotions and consequences. Every time I go to the mall on Sunday with my son, who loves Chik-Fil-A and is disappointed that he can't eat there that day, I think about all the Chik-Fil-A dads and sons who are out eating together. And it makes me glad. That's great marketing.

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