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August 04, 2004


Theresa Quintanilla

Although most trade shows are ghastly, every booth doesn't have to be. Witness the long lines at the putting greens and basketball hoops. My own approach is to make the booth look like a living room...comfy chairs and vases full of silk flowers. Companies should try and make their booths into an oasis...

Sue Pelletier

Ouch, the truth really does hurt. In fact, corporate trade shows are on the upswing, as reported in Corporate Meetings & Incentives recently (

Even with all their flaws, though, traditional trade shows still are "working," or at least, are perceived to be a valuable marketing tool. According to a recent joint study by MPI Foundation and The George P. Johnson Co. that surveyed 700 marketers, trade shows are second only to direct marketing in terms of perceived return on investment, and they beat out advertising and sales promotions pretty solidly. Hmm, but I don't think they thought to ask about experiential marketing...

Sounds like, as Little Feat would say, "We got one foot on the platform, and the other is on the train."

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