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August 19, 2004


Johnnie Moore

Thanks Katherine for that bit of plain speaking. As a friend of mine is fond of saying, "words and figures don't agree". I believe in reclaiming the power of language to describe our experience with emotional truth. Far too much marketing is an effort to replace truth with fiction, which I believe impoverishes us all. As well as, in this case, probably killing people.

Todd W.

What's a real mindtwister is the sentence "Our company's philosophy is to operate as if smoking is a cause of these diseases." How could any individual go through his/her day as a marketer operating under that philosophy?

Zane Safrit

Thank you. The emperor/emperess is standing naked but everyone speaks of the wonderful fabrics adorning them.

I loved your quote from the RJR's spokesmen: "[Hey,] flavored cigarettes aren't just for kids....[ok?] This when their website says they don't market to children.

But then again their website says "Reynolds Tobacco is not interested in trying to persuade any nonsmokers to begin smoking or in persuading any smokers not to quit." Huh?

So, what is it they're advertising?

For moral myopia, if you can even use the word 'moral' when you discuss tobacco companies, the Tobacco Industry is the best.

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