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June 16, 2004


Heath Row

And it all stems from the "roaming gnome" prank -- -- of years gone by.

Peter Davidson

Don't forget the Martha Stewart connection. Her Ex husband Andy published the seminal Gnome tome "Gnomes" in 1977. It made his career.

Larry Wolfberg

This month it's Gnome, next month it may be Fairies.
I think advertisers believe that adding a Gnome to their ad will bring a sense of irreverence and whimsy. It actually makes them (the advertiser) seems stupid and behind the times, because the roaming Gnome prank is as old as the hills. It was even featured in the movie Ameile. I have a friend who pulled the same prank but instead of a Gnome, he snagged the baby Jesus from a friend nativity scene and sent photos of the baby from around the world. (my friend was a flight attendant).

Maybe we should start an organization against Gnomes. Any thoughts on what we would call ourselves?

Gnome Keeper

free gnomes are a danger to society. they must have good gardens or yards to patrol or they will become destructive. you can help by adopting a gnome at

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