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June 03, 2004


Michele Miller

Too much! If this gentleman from Scion happens to be married, how do you think he proposed... by tying up his girlfriend and stamping his last name on her forehead, perhaps?

Ah, love!

Ken Hall

Odd. I always thought of guerrilla marketing as trying to be innovative and effective without spending a lot of money. I expect I'm mistaken about that.

Marketing should have some relationship to whatever the customer is supposed to hire the product to do, to borrow from Clayton Christiansen. Otherwise, even at best you end up with "memorable spot...what the heck was the product, again?" syndrome.

Steve Portigal

That is a pretty brash statement - the idea that if you can just get yourself noticed above all the clutter then you've automatically built a relationship? In some ways, it's very cynical, that advertising and messaging has completely no meaning because it's all noise, but anything that is noticed is therefore automatically meaningful.

I watch TNT, and every month (it seems) they increase the screen real estate and motion and beyond that they use for their program ads that run on top of their current programming - in the bottom right corner. I'm mostly offended at the audacity, that they keep taking away more of "my" show that I'm their to consume, and it sure as hell doesn't make me build any kind of relationship with "The Grid" or whatever they are hawking.

erik hauser

This Scion campaign is a perfect example of people thinking that just because their messaging doesn't appear on the t.v., newspaper, radio, station or magazine that is is experiential and cutting edge. PLEEEEAAAASSSEEEEEEEE> I have never seen so many outdoor billboard ads for any product in my life. In my opinion, It is a sub-par product with a way below par marketing program. I don't feel connected to some dumbass that decides to tattoo his forehead for a few bucks. Scion is scrambling at this point. They approached their market the worst way possible. They whored their name out all over the place. they should have employed the exact opposite technique. If anybody that was involved in the development of the campaign had a clue then they would have realized that the DJ and tuner markets tune out loud marketing. SCION HAS BEEN SCREAMING FROM THE TOP OF EVERY TREE.


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