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May 19, 2004


Peter Caputa

Duct tape is definitely lame. I love costumed characters, though.

This is besides the point, a bit...
Have you heeard of polar beverages? Tt is a MA based carbonated beverage company with a polar bear as the mascot. Were you aware of this when you came up with the bear?

Steve Portigal

I just gotta say I love costumed characters, there's something so dumb and lovable and cheesy-as-only-mass-culture can be about it.

I was recently at the Licensing Show in NYC, and costumed characters were everywhere. In a Disney-esque turn, you could pose for pictures with most of them, and they even had people walking around with Polaroid cameras and special frames to give you your instant souvenir. It was pretty effective.

And if you are curious, I got pictures of myself with Mr. Peanut, Sponge Bob, the Care Bears, and some anthropomorphic pea. I missed out on the Pink Panther and few others, I think.

Steve Portigal

And I wrote up my whole take on the Licensing Show in the latest FreshMeat at

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